Prolonged Photo: This is an example, of the Las Vegas strip that shows off the color lights of the cars driving by. And the background of the buildings shows the light exposure.
Prolonged Photo: This photo's shows the streaks of the night. This would include the stars, and possibly the cars that are traveling on the highway.
Prolonged Photo: The colors of this photo reflects off of the water. As it reflects off the water it is blurred and the colors look like they are painted onto the lake.
High speed Photo: This is an example of a high speed photo because it shows the stages of the balloon popping out water. It captures it at each stage of it popping. I believe its high speed because the photo captures the water in balloon shape as it is ready to disperse.
High Speed Photo: This is an example of a high speed photo because the camera captures the glass slowly shattering into pieces. You can see that at each stage, that a little more of the glass is breaking off, when finally it shatters completely.
High Speed Photo: This is a photo of what looks to be a bullet slowly bouncing off water. The camera captures the water moving as the bullet shoots off of it and bounces off of it. Then I can also tell because the water that the bullet bounced off at is still trailing behind it.