photo.JPGPhoto 1: I used two different photos to create this image. In photoshop one technique I used here to merging the two images, but I did not get rid of the harsh line that divides the picture down the middle. After that, another technique I used was enhancing the colors of the image.
Photo 2: I used four different photos this time to create this image. This time instead of merging the images I also rounded the borders around them. In addition, I added a "background" to the image of bubbles/little circles, they are spread out through out the image because I wanted the photo to have a brighter effect.

Photo 3: This is a photo I took of a view of downtown San Diego. In order to create this image I adjusted the color to warmer tones because I felt that it gave the picture a more emotional feel. Then I added streaks to the photo and I blurred the bottom and the top of the photo.