Merging Images- For these two images I chose to take a picture of one object, and use it to complete part of the picture. I chose to take a picture instead of drawing one because I felt that this looked nicer, and my drawings would not have merged well with the images. And plus,this looks cooler.
Making the main subject larger-For these two images I chose to put the main focus on the recycling bin and the arrowhead bottle. I made the Recycling bin smaller by placing my two fingers in front of the camera in order to create the illusion of a smaller recycling bin. The second photo is suppose to make the coke can look smaller by having it focused on the arrowhead bottle.
Making the main subject smaller-For this image the main focus was me. In order for myself to look smaller, the picture was taken from a distance and in between two walls that had an opening. The walls plus the point of view where the picture was taken made me look smaller than I really am.